Company Profile

The company, situated in Yavneh's Industrial Zone, has a development laboratory, show room, and a guidance room covering an expanse of 300 square meters where one can participate in periodical seminars and guidance workshops, getting quick solutions for malfunctions, purchasing immediately available products from the company's stock, and more

The Company’s Functions include: 

  • Supply of equipment
  • Project specifications and computing software
  • Building control and electric boards
  • Servicing industries and more

The devices and the human capitol are the company’s main resources making it the leading company in the market. With the help of a skilled and experienced staff of engineers and technicians, you can find a quick and ready solution and a professional guide accompanying the project from beginning to end. 

Sherf Motion Technologies Ltd. – Company Profile

The Sherf Motion Technologies Ltd. Company was founded in 1989 by Moshe Sherf and operates in the area of industrial control specializing in motion systems.

The company is among Israel’s leading veteran companies in this field, dealing with high quality production, development and marketing of the meticulously chosen products and in compliance with all the accepted standards.  

The Company’s Product Inventory Includes:

Speed control of DC/AC motors, Programmable logic controller – PLC, five and six axis robots, control gadgets, various kinds of encoders, magnetic rulers, servo systems, touch screens and a wide selection of products designated for various industries.

The Sherf Motion Technologies Ltd. Company is the exclusive representor in Israel of some of the leading companies in the world such as

The Sherf Motion Technologies Ltd. Company has a wide variety of customers from various industry fields in Israel and abroad such as

Engine Manufacturers

Plastics Industries

Metal, wood and rubber

Paper Industries

Building and Cables



Medical Security Industries

Academic Institutions and more